3D Wooden World Map Azure

Looking for a non-standard way to decorate your space? Or, perhaps, you’re tired of boring gifts that do not impress recipients? In both cases, a 3D wooden map from Azure line will have a maximum wow effect.

Size: M (24"x 39")
AZURE Size Guide:
Style: Blank (no names & border)
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Product description

Made from high-quality wood, a 3D world map in blue color offers your home interior a greater perception of quality. The pieces from the Azure collection have an eye-friendly palette. All the colors – from navy, aqua, and turquoise to sky blue and aquamarine – play well together and add more life to any interior. 

The 3D map is available in different options:

Blank Map (only Map, names and borders NOT printed);

Prime+ ( Map with names, borders, rivers, lakes +mountains printed);

    The world map is perfect to glare at when planning your next destination, before going to bed, or reminiscing on your last travel adventures. Living rooms, bedrooms, offices, and halls will look more alive with a beautiful décor from Azure line.

    You can also inspire your loved ones by giving them with a unique and travel-themed gift! Whether it’s a birthday, Easter, Thanksgiving, Christmas, Hanukah, or any other special occasion, the 3D wall map will 100% make them feel good at home. Please note that the map is not an educational tool since some small islands and countries are omitted.

    You will self-install the wall décor with no extra help! Use the instructions and a sticky tape provided with each purchase to cope with the process as fast as possible.


    As the first creators of Wooden World Maps, Enjoy The Wood offers you original products backed by a strong patent portfolio, reaffirming our commitment to innovation and protection 🥇.
    Our colorful art large world map from the Azure collection is handcrafted from top-quality fiberwood with all the countries and continents clearly printed. Feeling stressed? Mount a map to create a small haven of relaxation right in the living room! All materials used in the process of manufacture are earth-friendly, i.e., safe for you and the environment in general.

    3D maps of size S, and all sizes in 'blank' options are manufactured without any pre-made holes for push pins.





    Default language

    English (can be customized)


    6 - 12 mm

    Enjoythewood MISSION OXYGEN


    20 trees today - 50.000 trees tomorrow

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    Empty wall is not a solution





    Map accessories

    You may customize your map with nicely engraved ocean names and wooden decorations such as planes and boats. The Antarctica panel and an elaborate compass are also included.

    Double side sticky tape

    The double-sided tape will make your installation process quick and easy. It is suitable for most surfaces. No other materials are needed to mount the Map!

    Corner stencils

    Make sure you use corner stencils during the map installation. Place them in the top two corners for proper alignment of Map borders. It is easier to start the Map installation!


    Each Map comes with easy to follow instructions to ensure a smooth set-up process. Lifetime warranty is included. Our managers are always happy to help you if you have any questions!

    Tree-Nation and Enjoythewood company


    Have a question ? We are here to help.

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