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Cheapest Places to Live on the Beach

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Waking up to the relaxing sound of waves rippling on the sea or ocean shore? Breathing in and being dazzled by the freshest air? Admiring the real world and not just the Enjoy The Wood map in the living room? Impossible is nothing! We did some homework for you and picked out affordable ocean towns with stunning coastlines, relaxed ambiance, and vibrant cultures for those on the lookout for cheap beachfront property. Let’s find your perfect seaside getaway together!

Zadar (Croatia)

Population: 71,471

Zadar is a charming and the cheapest place to live on the beach in Europe. If you’re looking for a perfect combination of historical landmarks, cheap food, and a pleasant climate, this city located on Croatia’s Dalmatian Coast could be an option. This is where you will wander among ancient Roman and Venetian ruins, admire the secrets hidden in the narrow streets made of stone, and try to unpack the mystery of the St. Donatus Church. To get the most pocket-friendly eats and accommodations, we recommend heading to Zadar in May. In addition to breathtaking architecture, the city is hooking tourists with its sunny beaches. You are welcome to get tanned at Kolovare Beach, seek sun kisses at Lipauska Beach, or explore the ruins, reminding you of the previous generations…

George Town (Malaysia)

Population: 158,336

When on the lookout for cheap places to live west coast Malaysia, the capital of Penang will attract you with its vibrant ambiance and a range of historic attractions. Created in colonial style, the architecture of the region welcomes curious tourists with every artwork recognized by UNESCO. In 2008, the local architecture was put on the organization's list of World Heritage Sites. The nightlife that never stops, diverse street art, and the population that is the mix of Chinese, Malay, and Indian cultures attract globe-trotters from all over the world, dreaming of waking up to an ocean view.

Lagos (Portugal)

Population: 33,494

The Algarve region of Portugal is the place where you will find loads of expats and those looking for the cheapest coastal property in Portugal. The delicious cuisine of the area, sun-kissed beaches, and picturesque villages do their job – tons of tourists come to Lagos hoping for a laid-back lifestyle mixed with urban amenities. In addition to pocket-friendly accommodations, you will find nice shopping options, a vibrant nightlife routine, and, oh, the marina, of course.

Valencia (Spain)

Population: 807,693

All fans of paella, rejoice! Valencia is known for some of the cheap beach houses for sale in Spain and for being the birthplace of the most remarkable Spanish dishes. Full of yummy food, diverse culture, fantastic landscape scenes, and striking architecture, the region offers pocket-friendly living for tourists. Needless to say, Valencia regularly appears on the list of the best beach locations in Europe. A couple of beaches with golden sand are at your service, including Ibiza, Mallorca, and Menorca.

San Pancho (Mexico)

Population: 3,000

If you feel tired of street crowds as an essential part of big city life, San Pancho welcomes you! Known for its wide, long sandy beach, this charming town is also famous for its peaceful beach on the Pacific coast of Mexico, pocket-friendly rates, and serene ambiance. Being part of the hit parade of the cheap beach towns to live in, San Pancho will delight you with multiple hostels, hotels, and guesthouses that coexist side by side with restaurants serving Mexican food (hello, tacos!). The good news is that you can enjoy a bunch of freebies like sunbathing, swimming, admiring incredible sunsets, and joining happy crowds at local festivals where vibrant culture appears in all its glory.

Deerfield Beach (Florida, USA)

Population: 86,772

If your goal was to uncover the cheapest surf towns to live in USA, add Deerfield Beach to the list. Located in the South of Florida, the charming coastal city is known for its real estate, which is getting more and more affordable day by day. Curious tourists will find Deerfield Beach halfway between Palm Beach and Miami – a cultural hot spot and resort destination that is home to swimming and surfing activities. Just imagine yourself enjoying the beach view browsing Enjoynews, checking social media content, or taking photos right before you go investigating local restaurants and bars. What’s more, Deerfield Beach is home to prominent parades, festivals, and other fests under the sun that shines 365 days a year.

Ibiza (Spain)

Population: 49,727

Despite the fact that Ibiza is only 42 km long, it is the most affordable island to live on and enjoy the best time of your life. There’s no doubt that you know this island as the oasis of nightclubs, 24/7 parties, and crowded street bars. But the truth is that this small Balearic Island is also home to a marvelous coastline with sunny beaches and golden sand. Whether you are dreaming of sipping a cocktail while the sun goes down or enjoying the atmosphere of vibrant markets, Ibiza has it all for moderate prices.

Hua Hin (Thailand)

Population: 63,091

Believe it or not, Hua Hin was just a small fishing village before. Today, it is one of the popular seaside getaway locations that not only locals but people from all over the globe choose as their new homes. Premium dining scenes, Instagrammable beaches, crowded markets with unique ambiance, and many-many seafood restaurants make Hua Hin an attractive place to live in tandem with pocket-friendly prices. And if at any point you feel like there’s a low level of the vibrancy of a megapolis in your blood, you’re welcome to visit Bangkok, which is only 3 hours away from Hua Hin.

Kefalonia (Greece)

Population: 35,801

Ah, the motherland of Aphrodite and other Olympus inhabitants…Greece is most likely associated with paradise-like spots like Santorini or Mykonos. Good ones! But the truth is that the land of Hellenic people is home to more than 6,000 islands, which means you are sure to find the most affordable places to live east coast or west coast or anywhere else in this awe-inspiring destination. One of them is Kefalonia – an affordable region with excellent beaches, pocket-friendly restaurants, and cocktails that are unlike anything you've ever had before! With its unique and relaxed lifestyle, Kefalonia will gently take you in its warm arms as you leisurely wander in the streets of stunning old towns like Argostoli, Asos, Fiskardo, and Sami and dive into the marvelous sea cuisine at one of the local tavernas.

Rio De Janeiro (Brazil)

Population: 6.6 million

The second most populous city in Brazil, Rio De Janeiro is a huge seaside haven and one of the cheapest places to live near the ocean. Known as one of the most exciting and beautiful urban cities on the globe, Rio is also one of the locations we gladly put on our maps. You’re welcome to check out some of our bestsellers

Take a look at the magnificent symbol of the city – the statue of Christ The Redeemer – so glorious and stirring the imagination even of the most experienced globetrotters. This excellent leisure destination is an affordable spot for those looking to live on a beautiful beach with tropical rainforests as silent neighbors. Both Ipanema and Copacabana give extra sparkle to the heart of Brazil. Immerse yourself in the natural beauty and vibrant culture of Rio de Janeiro, which is sure to become your dream home with the lowest cost of living.

Taghazout (Morocco)

Population: 5,233

Sun-kissed Taghazout is the region that most tourists want to stay at for good after their very first visit. Known as the paradise for surfers, the region is famous for beautiful narrow streets, turvy buildings, and super fast internet (freelancers are welcome!). A small fishing port in the past, Taghazout is now one of the most affordable locations that Europeans choose to escape from cold winter. In tandem with pocket-friendly accommodations, Taghazout offers a wide range of outdoor activities like football, tennis, golf, and so on. Needless to say, the cultural heritage of the region is one of the richest, being gorgeously blended with colorful architecture. You’ve definitely never seen so many beautiful doors painted blue and white!

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Whether you’re trying to escape the trap of the big city, looking for ways to volunteer, boost your career, or simply turn your life into a full-time vacation, there is a picturesque and affordable beach out there being at your service. We hope that with the list of the cheapest places to live on the beach given above, you will soon find your dream destination and make it home.

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