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Affiliate Program at Enjoy The Wood

Affiliate Program

Enjoy The Wood company is all about bringing JOY to people's homes through quality and stylish décor. We create comfy, beautiful, and snug spaces for our clients from all over the globe.

Wanna join?

Check out our affiliate program to become part of a community where creative minds thrive in the world of design!

So, where do you begin?

What Is the Enjoy The Wood Affiliate Program

Before we jump into the perks of partnering with Enjoy The Wood, let’s see what an affiliate program actually is.
Simply put, it is a process where external partners earn a commission for promoting Enjoy The Wood map (or any other product/service) through an affiliate link. Based on the deal, the company partners must deliver a specific result, such as a new newsletter subscription, a sale, and so on, to get some special bonuses.
Excited? Stay tuned!

How Does an Affiliate Program Work at Enjoy The Wood

affiliate program


To join our affiliate network and become our brand ambassador, carefully read the how-to section below. Before you start earning the passive income you’ve been always dreaming about, be sure to know how an affiliate program works.

  • Affiliates like you connect with Enjoy The Wood company.
  • Add affiliate links & advertise our products across social media - Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and all the other platforms full of potential users.
  • Online users interact with your ad.
  • We receive interested users.
  • Customers make the purchase(s).
  • The affiliate tracking software records the details of the purchase(s).
  • We confirm the purchase is valid and the transaction is credited.
  • You increase our online sales & make money while sleeping.

How to Be Successful at Affiliate Marketing

Do you think you’re ready to make money on the side? If getting a remote job has always been your plan B, we’ll be happy to help. Take a quick look at some time-tested tips on how to succeed at affiliate marketing.


  • Create solid and regular content. Know your audience and commit to providing them with reader-centric content.
  • Track your ongoing success. Make sure you know how online visitors interact with your website. Use visitor analytics to be aware of returning and new visitors. Find out what pages tend to get most of your traffic. Monitor the links that get clicked. Get a picture of the type of new content that should be provided.
  • Be an expert at what you promote. Before you join an affiliate program, polish up your knowledge of the products you promote. Exert every effort to ensure your visitors see you as someone who knows the advertised product/service from A to Z.   
  • Talk to your visitors. Most successful affiliate marketers tend to engage with online visitors to turn their websites into a friendly universe of like-minded people. Let them comment on your blog posts. Have a conversation with those who come to your site. Be sure to filter spam.
  • Push one niche-related product. Focus on one niche for now, don’t get a zillion of products; it won’t work.   
  • Provide quality information. Your task is to guide your visitors and help them by providing all the necessary information on the product. Don’t have much of it? Do your research to supply online visitors with updated and accurate info.
  • Don’t rush! The field of affiliate marketing requires time, effort, and patience. Invest your time in the process to achieve the desired success.
  • Set clear and realistic expectations. The truth is that you’re not going to make your first million in a week (ouch!). Set proper expectations and realistic goals to be able to work systematically towards accomplishing them.

How to Become an Affiliate Marketer at Enjoy The Wood

If you’re looking for a reliable side hustle, we’ve got you covered. Join Enjoy The Wood affiliate program to create unique affiliate links and improve your chances of success.

How to start generating affiliate income with us? Here you go:


  • Register. In order to get access to our partnership program, provide the registration info.
  • Receive a unique referral link. There are two types of links here - Affiliate Links and Custom Affiliate Links. Both are used to monitor online sales and traffic.
  • Get a personal coupon for your clients to receive a 10% discount. To use Enjoy The Wood coupon code, you must register in our affiliate program and make the first sale.
  • Start promotion. Promote our products via your digital marketing platforms (blog, TikTok, YouTube channel, etc.).
  • Get paid. Receive your commission every month (12% or more based on the sales rates).
Ready to start the journey as an affiliate marketer? We’re here to help you kick-start things! 


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