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Bundle: Map, Photo Frames, Flags and Airplanes Pins

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Size: M (24"x 39")
Color: Multicolored
Style: Prime (with names)

Bundle: Map, Photo Frames, Flags and Airplanes Pins

Bring out your taste and personality with a 4-in-1 travel bundle! Our special offer is a perfect option to turn bare walls into a cozy nook for having rest, reading, relaxing, or gathering with loved ones.

Product description

There’s an art of product bundling, and we know it. Meet our wall set decor that does all the work for you! There’s no need to rack your brain over how to decorate that dull wall – we have a set that comprises everything necessary to create large-scale art.

The decor set for the living room, bedroom, kitchen, or any other space includes a beautiful 3D wooden map with a collection of flag pins and a set of airplanes. And the photo frames will become elegant keepers of your memories. And what else is needed to refresh your space and make it feel like home?

The set literally saves your precious time! With an assortment of décor pieces at hand, there’s a lot that you can do! Add style to any interior (industrial, rustic, transitional, modern, etc.) with a handcrafted world map. 

The Bundle includes your chosen Map, a box of 287 metal flags, a Set of 9 Wooden Photo Frames, and a Set of 20 Airplanes Push Pins.

The assembling process doesn’t require much time or previous experience. With double-sided sticky tape and instructions (provided with a purchase), all the continents, countries, oceans, and other accessories will soon take their natural place.

Please note that even though our map shows the location of most of the world's countries, some of the small countries and islands are omitted. However, given as a Birthday, Christmas, Thanksgiving, New Year’s Eve, or House Warming gift, the map will 100% spark interest in the giftee and encourage them to set off for an adventure.


Made of birch plywood, our maps and frames are environmentally friendly and totally safe to use at home for years to come. The Photo Frames help you to add sweet photos as memory keepers to your Map! Choose our Airlanes and Flag push pins to mark places you have traveled to or dream to visit! At the same time, we urge you to keep your kids and pets away from the pins to avoid any harm.


birch plywood, metal, recycled materials


you can choose

Default language

English (can be customized)


6 - 12 mm (0.23''- 0.47'')

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