3D City Map New York

Immerse yourself in the charm of your beloved city with our personalized 3D wooden city map. This intricately detailed aerial map showcases every street and shoreline, captivating even the most discerning individuals. Crafted from top-quality fiberboard, it boasts a precise printed finish that effortlessly complements any decor style. With a convenient ready-to-hang framed design and gift wrapping included, it's the ideal wall art decor and a perfect gift option.

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Color: White
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Product description

Want to add a personal touch to your space? Our 3D City Map of New York is a stylish and unique way to decorate. Handmade from top-quality fiberboard, this beautiful map is easy to customize and already framed and gift-wrapped, ready for you to hang!


 8’’ x 12’’ (20 x 30 cm)

12” x 18” (30 cm x 45 cm)

16” x 24” (40 cm x 60 cm)



top quality fiberboard

Default language



11 mm (0.43'')


20 trees today - 50.000 trees tomorrow


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