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Custom Wooden Map

Each of our World Maps is made to order. This means you can pick a standard size/color/type of the Map, but also customise it — a little bit, or a lot. Almost everything can be changed, almost everything can be made. The price will vary depending on the difficulty of the work, so you'll need to contact us first.

We can:
change the size or the color
add symbols to the Map (mark special places, engrave/print a logo, a name of a city, even a wish)
make a Map of any country/city/continent or an island, as an addition to the World Map or by itself (yes, any size!)
change the language of the Map

And maaaany more things! Just email us all your questions, send the examples of what you want to make, pictures and whatever else you have. Even if you're not sure what you want exactly or need our advice — we’ll be happy to help you create a unique Map that tells your story!