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A book made of wood? Yes!

Enjoy the Wood’s wooden book series begins with the kitchen collection. These are high-quality birch wood book covers that function just like a hardcover book. Crafted from high quality birch wood, they feature precise and intricate engravings that will enthrall both cooks and art lovers.

If you or someone you know loves international recipes, a wooden book could be a fitting complement to our best wooden world maps. You could use the map to mark out the country where the meal originates, perhaps getting the kids involved in learning about other cultures.

Another idea is our series of Wooden World Globes, a great option if you prefer something that takes up less space.

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Choosing a wooden book

An Enjoy the Wood birch book is sized like an A5 sheet of paper, 27 х 16 cm (10.6” х 6.3” and is 6 mm (0.24”) thick. Inside, you will find 72 sheets of lined recipe pages, all bound together like a folder so you can add or remove pages as you wish.

It comes in a choice of 4 cover designs:

  • Pizza
  • Pie
  • Spices
  • Cakes

These are not generic designs but very detailed and intricate inscriptions painstakingly carved into the wood by our expert craftsmen and craftswomen.

You can also select from three choices of the shade of wood:

  •  Light - bright light brown
  •  Terra - middle brown tones
  •  Dark walnut - deep rich brown 

We can even create a customized cover of your choice. Most customers who choose this option have a name added to the cover or the spine of the wooden book. This personalized touch makes it the ideal gift for someone you love, including yourself!

An avid cook or anyone who appreciates the finer things in life will appreciate this gorgeous addition to their home.

Caring for your wooden book

While a recipe book certainly belongs in the kitchen, it should be kept safe from fire, water and the myriad of ingredients that call your kitchen home. To keep your wooden book in prime condition, follow these guidelines:

  • Heat – Always keep your wooden recipe book away from sources of heat such as a fire or electric stove, kettle, or oven. Do not place hot dishes or kitchen utensils on the wooden book. Do not leave the book in a place that is exposed to direct sunlight.
  •  Water – Always keep your wooden recipe book away from wet and moist surfaces. This includes the sink and the area beside it, the dish rack, as well as wet dishes and kitchen utensils. Do not leave your book near damp areas or those that are prone to mildew.
  •  Chemicals – Dishwashing liquid, baking soda, alcohol, and other potentially corrosive chemicals can damage the finish of your wooden book. To clean, use diluted cleaning solutions.
  •  Care - Wipe your book regularly with a soft cleaning cloth. Do not use rough abrasive cleaning pads. If you accidentally spill food or drink on the book, wipe clean immediately. Certain substances such as wine and coffee could leave a mark if left on for too long.

All these factors can damage the wood cover as well as the paper inside on which the recipes are written. However, the wood acts as a layer of protection that keeps the contents away from harm, at least temporarily.