3D Map of USA Multilayered



Wooden 3D map of US is a great gift for your family, friends or coworkers. Also it's modern element of decor for your home or office. 

✓ NEW!! 3D wooden US map. Each state has different thickness and color therefore it'll look spectacular on your wall.

✓ Map has all states EXCEPT for Alaska and Hawaii (but on your request we can add then to your order for extra pay).

✓ Material - high-quality birch plywood.

✓ With this map you will get for FREE special sticky tape (double-sided removable adhesive). You should stick tape on the back side by yourself and place map on the wall. It's easy to use and it doesn't ruin your walls.

*Attaching map to wallpapers will ruin your walls.

BIG- 24х39" (61х100 cm)

LARGE - 37x59" (94x150 cm)


Please NOTICE that due to big dimensions of the package you may pay customs and import taxes. The amount of taxes depends on your country's laws. We are not responsible for them.


SOMETHING NEW!! We have types of map which already comes with plane shaped pins! They can help you mark all countries that you've visited or any future travels that you might have! 

✓ !!!! Please NOTICE that option 'map with push pins' already has ONE hole is in each country and one in each state (if you order map with states or full pack) so you can put a pin in them. If you don't want holes please let us know!
By the way, you can put pins without holes, but you have to make some efforts. It's realizable:)

✓ You can choose map with 30 pins and 60 pins.

✓ If you order map with pins, map will have holes so you can put a pin in them and you won't ruin your beautiful map. 

✓ Size of pin = 4 cm (1.6")

✓ Pins are completely made from metal. So they are very durable. Color - white!



♡ We hope that you enjoyed our shop. With love, EnjoyTheWood