• Are wooden ocean names, compass rose, planes and ships included?

Yes, they are included :)

  • How do I add the push pins to my order or do they included?

No, they are not included. Just add them separately with the map. Click here

  • How are the pieces attached to the wall?

The map comes with special sticky tape / double-sided removable adhesive, which will help to attach the map to the wall. The printed step by step instruction will also help during the process. Click here to watch the sample.

  • How easily remove the map from the wall? Is it possible to take it off the wall and reassemble without ruining it?

If you want to remove it from your wall you will need a good hairdryer. Direct air flow between map and wall, wait a bit and step by step remove pieces from the wall. You will need to buy sticky tape again to put it on the wall again. Click here to watch the sample.

  • Does the adhesive stick on the wallpaper?

The adhesive may stick to your wallpaper or to another surface as well.

  • List of islands that are included

Click here + Jamaica :) 

  • Do the maps have a patent and lifetime warranty?

Absolutely! We have a legal patent. Also with the package, you'll receive a lifetime warranty document.