Ukrainian businesses continue their work

Enjoy The Wood continues its work during the war trying to find all the possible ways to ensure the lives of our employees. As you already know our manufactures are located in the hottest spots where the battles haven’t been stopped since the first days. Irpin, Bucha, Borodyanka are almost razed to the ground.

Most of our teammates left those cities during the first week, but the others just couldn’t go out. The fate of some families is still unknown. The director of sales department in Ukraine stays in Irpin with her parents and family until nowadays. We didn’t get any news from her since March, 4th. The region of the city she lives in was under the huge attacks from the beginning. And finally yesterday they found a way to say ‘WE’RE ALIVE!’ You can not imagine how happy our team was. It’s one positive story among the others where we hear about death of our friends and colleagues. We’re in constant pain but we continue to help people with humanitarian needs, evacuate the citizens and buy armored equipment for the volunteers & defenders.

This war has changed everything in our lives. But even if it’s hard to move on we should keep going. There is so much of the responsibility on our shoulders.
So nearly three weeks ago we restored our work online to maintain the economy of Ukraine. By working, paying taxes and donating to different funds we help our country in the fight with the aggressor.

Igor and Maryna Fostenko – the owners – told about the real goals and motivation to work:

Thank God for our safety and the opportunity to restore the work. We know that we will definitely win. There are no doubts!
We’ve already built the plans of how we can restart some manufacturing, ‘cause now we ship the Maps which are in stock in our warehouses.
Our team moves forward and in few days we’re going to share some good news with you.

Stay tuned

  • Claudia Sears

    Claudia Sears

    August 02, 2022 at 04:46 AM

    My world map is over my fire place. To say I love it is an understatement!! My daughter gave me the map as a gift . When I sit and look at this map it has a whole new meaning and is more precious than when I first received it. Prayer for you all and the plight of Ukraine is often done standing in front of the map. Prayer for perseverance in the face of evil which is what I am seeing through the Ukrainian people.
    Blessings be upon you dear ones.

  • Bruna Rocha

    Bruna Rocha

    March 29, 2022 at 10:16 PM

    I have been following your fight with a mix of heaviness in my heart and profound admiration. You are true heroes.
    I found you by chance while I was searching for a wooden world map for my daughter’s bedroom. Even though there other companies I could choose, I am now certain I will wait as long as it is needed for a map coming from your hands. And I’ll tell my daughter that the map in her bedroom wall is not just a piece of art, it is a symbol of bravery, of determination and love.
    Stay safe! Stay United! You already won this cruel war!

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