Board game "Settlers of Catan", which gives the opportunity for 3-4 players jointly populate losted  in the ocean island, is one of the most famous games in the world, and one of the most wonderful for  spending time with the whole family.

Relatively short-lived games, simple rules, pleasant and peaceful gameplay - all these components have made it really one of the best board games in the world.  And as it usually happening to successful desktop projects, in this case, it didn’t get along without adds, which number has long exceeded a dozen.

We couldn’t pass by! So, EnjoyTheWood team created something really special: wooden Catan base game for true passionate Settlers of Catan.

Interesting facts:

  • The Settlers of Catan board game appeared in the 1995th year. It was invented by a German dentist, Klaus Teuber. Settlers of Catan is not the first Toyber’s game, but it, particularly, brought the author world-wide fame
  • The game got a lot of board games awards and has been sold in amount of more than 22 million copies
  • in 11 and 13 episodes of 5th season of the Big Bang Theory, Sheldon, Raj and Howard play this game

What about #benefits of Wooden Catan Board:

  • handmade of birch plywood
  • made to last a lifetime
  • you can customize the desert with any sign, name, quote etc., to make it unique for anybody
  • compatible with all editions of Settlers of Catan
  • additions are available: wooden dice tower to make game more organized; wooden catan box for better keeping; card holders.

Settlers of Catan are unique primarily because threy’re associated with the worldwide distribution of the term “German board game” or simply “Euro Game”. These games are not always invented by the Germans, but they differ from other games in the economic model with resource management, thematic, social function, the low role of chance, the lack of players leaving the game and often language independence.

As was told at the very beginning the gameplay is unique, but meanwhile, it is quite simple and entertaining, which makes the "Settlers of Catan" a wonderful family game! In the role of peaceful settlers populating Catan Island, you will experience the real life of the colonialist: to extract resources, build villages, cities and roads, defend yourself from robbers, bargain with your neighbors.

And we’re sure you will be exited playing Settlers of Catan base game using wooden, great touch board by EnjoytheWood. 

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