The secret you should know when choosing sunglasses

 Summer is in the city, so when it comes to picking new cool sunglasses, there are two ways you can go. You can opt for the classics – models like Ray-Ban’s Wayfarer that have been shielding retinas since your grandfather’s day, or you can take a look at wooden sunglasses, created by EnjoyTheWood.

 Accessories made with natural materials are staying trendy this summer, by the way.

  Let’s keep going. Good sunglasses simulate the effect of staying in the darkened room. The crows expand, pass more light, so you can see everything more clearly. But cheap lenses do not have protection from ultraviolet rays.  Although they really allow you not to squint and see the surrounding objects more clearly, but it doesn’t do a good favor for your eyes. You only feel that your vision organs are protected. In fact, this is not the case at all. The lenses filter only the visible spectrum of sunlight. Invisible UV rays are unobstructed on eyes and skin.


Moreover, due to the eclipse, the pupils are expanding and transmitting even more ultraviolet radiation. The harmful effect is accumulated faster than if you don’t use glasses at all. That’s why, creating our glasses, EnjoyTheWood team use only quality lenses by Essilor.   Essilor is the largest international company producing high-quality lenses. The company pays much attention to research and innovation, aiming to create the most quality, aesthetic, comfortable and durable lenses.  

Choose quality made by #enjoythewood.  


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