Happy Family activity with Rolling Pins

Happy Family activity with Rolling pins from Enjoy The Wood

Cooking is always fun and interesting for all ages. Children always want to help their parents or be like adults, do everything themselves. Cooking is a great way to teach some key skills and some family activity together. Depending on the children’s age you can gave them different tasks:

  • Crack eggs into some bowl.
  • Pour some ingredients into the mixing bowl and mix them if they can do that.
  • Flatten the dough with regular rolling pin.
  • Flatten the dough with pattern rolling pin.
  • Transfer cookie balls to a cookie sheet.
  • Drop decorative sugar or sprinkles on cookies.
  • Put melted chocolate into the tops of baked cookies.

You can also give some other task you’d like, everything that can be done by your child.

Here is the shortbread cookie recipe perfect for making those cookies.


230 g  (0.50 lb) butter

170 g (0,37 lb) sugar powder

1 egg (must be room temperature)

1-2 teaspoon vanilla and/or almond extract (as you wish)

A pinch of salt

400-440 g (0,88-0,97 lb) flour

(if egg is small you need only 400 g of flour, if it’s a bigger egg, then you need more flour)


  1. Combine butter with sugar powder. Add an egg (You can easily let your child to help you with this and let him crack the egg and add other ingredients too). Add an egg, vanilla/almond extract and salt. Slowly add flour and blend it all together. This part is better to do yourself, because you have to do that slowly and children can make a mess. Knead dough, it has to be pretty stiff and thick, not watery and liquidy but at the same time, not to solid.
  2. Put dough in the refrigerator for a half an hour, then roll out the dough till its thickness will be 5-8 mm (0,1-0,3 inch)/ Lightly sprinkle flour on the surface, and with engraved rolling pin make the patterns. Usually that’s a big fun for children so let them do that themselves. Then finally, cut the figures of your cookies. That’s also the great task for you children to do.
  3. Preheat the oven to 200 degrees C (392 F) and put the baking sheet for 7-9 minutes. It’s better to do that yourself, because children can get burn from the hot oven. That will be safer. As soon as the cookies become slightly golden, then they are done.

So, enjoy your activity with children with great pattern rolling pins. 

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